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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> furthermore co-teaching has been happening around little district we believe this can be more effective if there are set aside times for the teachers to get together and plan tare curriculum so when they come into so classroom together the children benefit currently at the elementary school level we have 60 minutes of planning times set aside per week in the bare completely enough for the teachers we ask for specific
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times for teachers to plan together so we can make this a reality for our students we also building we need teachers with reading certificates in every school in the district we have seen american people increase in the literacy specialists in school people designated to help students achieve great outcomes in reading we know that students with disabilities are a large portion of the children that struggle in reading not only the reading disabilities and it effects many students with disabled reading certificates are they create specialists in teachers who know how to provide accurate interference that can support our students having greater outcomes in the end for
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the reading achievements we also building that creating benchmarks and celebrating the benchmarks is important to understand where we are with the students with you ps we know we've made great progress as a district with the standardized achievement and we're skrg the district to look at the i p goals and how we're doing in go having our children with you ps be successful at what rate are we approving those schools and are we celebrating are we making the achievement outcomes we expect to make with the students on their individual goals we're hoping there's a way to track those and celebrate the
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successes we all right. have and create new successes in those areas under the section of equitable assess we ask for the access and anecdotally we had our meeting for my son and had our contents specialist and inclusion teachers and about 3 laptops an overhead laptop and the case manager taking newport's notes on with an laptop and space live is the i e p that is the tool that allows us to write i p throughout the district we were making changes why? because in previous years we've gone back and forth for weeks to get the documents correct before the new services
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what about signed off we've been able to print things with this technology it i wish every parent had a smooth meeting on monday that would be if i could wish world peace life would be good our next recommendation is to provide training and access to technology for every classroom i'm at a very privilege school i'll admit my sons classroom as has a smart board and the children with you ps do well central so the teachers have been using it to make touch masking it is for my son is grasping addition and
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subtraction, however, we notice that some schools have problems and not the same access do technology as other school for example, in my own daughters school her teacher has a printer that doesn't properly print class work and especially the i e p that families take home with them we're constantly trying for the teacher to find a printer that works we need this kind of technology and some of the simple mechanics for the simple items like printer we want the district a to create a resource center for technology we are lucky to have special ed sarah ash to that has done wonderful
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things for safe training for the database and to help train many educators on tools that are available, however, the example we would like to present as a best practice would be the technology resource center of marin this is a resource center that serves the marin district and the schools in marin and consultants with the private schools as well they help to consultant with the dove active and augmented technologies and provide the i e p assistance and loan equipment when families couldn't afford the equipment and have open lap time you such board maker that helps with the scheduling and children need
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this it is a couple hundred of dollars and is available for all teachers and do webinars and training and parent conversations it's an amazing resource that really is on their website very have a great ipad that helps learners it is a great resource not only for marin i this is a great model for our district to follow as we move towards our vision 2020 the cac recommends we insure one hundred percent of classrooms with wifi activities although the district that's i states all buildings in the district have wifi assess we find that notal
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classrooms are assess for wifi for example, a class that livestock e life streams ingratiation of the president's other classrooms does get the same type of access this we find not acceptable if one class is able to live stream and another not this is not an equal level of education we also recommend that the district provide tarthdz support to help students with you e p for technology skills as mentioned common core test this year will be computer based and many of our students are motor skills and can't use the i p so the support needs to be provided to students maybe additional
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training for keyboard skills or in some cases training to the teachers and the parents how they are going to help to adapt the training and the mischievous that need to happen there is so much this needs to be done to make it equitable for everyone but we have very little time to get that done before the testing begins. >> i guess oh, okay participation on all committees we would like to district to insure the special ed voices are part of the all the committees within the district we say that simply because special ed kids are general ed kids all ethnics
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and sexual orientation and ability skills so wherever we shouldn't our committee our voices to support the special ed shouldn't segregated we're trying to incorporate all of those kids in the school and their voices to be heard on all issues we would request that translated documents be provided to the family and caregivers in their native language within two weeks of the meeting i went to two meeting those are the documents i got you have a background in law and can tell you special ed law is as difficult as any type of allowing law out there so someone like me to understand
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this isn't easy if i throw this at someone that is intimated by the language and presented in english as the case it is a little bit hard to get them to honestly be asked to assign this document it is a legal document their children since their family and children will be held to the services so we do request that translation be an important part of the documentation and lastly all the administrators the principle to make sure they have an understanding of the i e p process because they are in fact the person that needs to sign off and make sure they're in guidance with the issues and the resources are available that are listed on the i e p so we want to encourage that the
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principles be very involved with the process and our last recommendation involves the inclusive week the first full week of december inclusion is the distinction educational moves us beyond the problems from the cultural characters when our unburdened with bias our free to enjoy everyone we're pleased that the responses and the response that the cac received while driving forward the celebration of inclusive week 2014 many are standing with us is in defenseless the fifth to stand for education for everyone here
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we thank the cac and appreciate the cac members present standing special education services department (clapping) support for families with disables united educators of san francisco (clapping) and the resolution they passed in full support and endorsement of inclusive schools week, san francisco youth commission and principle jason and his staff of the middle school and principle senate file if i lee and parents at sunset elementary the san francisco superintendent and the san francisco board of east side and jennelle of our autism and
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caitlin and we appreciate the pack hass as well, for their endorsements and the resolution that supervisor eric mar will present on december the first in support of the inclusive schools week and an addendum to our report we would encourage you to take a look at the teacher shortage currently there are 65 vacancy par positions 36 are special ed positions including the bilingual and special ed and parents that are specialists with the medical needs of our severely impacted students of at least three of those par positions are vacant along with 16 special ed classrooms 5 by colleges and one nurse while we
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can find teachers on craig's list we hope you can too we hope to see you in april (clapping.) commissioner norton. >> did you promote me so a couple of questions thank you for the report and also a pleasure to you all i'm curious about the first of all, i want to appreciate first of all, that you included some best practices in our report there are inxirwa to the district. >> what our looking for i haven't seen that in a cac
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report to thank you for that and then i was curious about the technology resource center particularly is that the marin that does that. >> it is the marin. >> so they just have that in a central locations for the families. >> yes. in it is open to families during certain times and skaters at certain times and proimentsz as well. >> that's a great model it seems like the other technology issues that you highlighted are particularly, of course, impact our children but all the children in the classrooms in the district we know we still have a ways to go in terms of making sure the classrooms are wider and implemented for the technology we want but this could be a great way of particularly because the i e p
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is driven by technology to have some place for families and teachers to go and get training and try out different tools so i think this is really great and i'm excited to say i checked high e-mail i'll be at june going forward for the inclusive school week i guess it's an assembly. >> great, great so thank you. >> commissioners questions or comments? yes commissioner >> i want to thank the cac for the tremendous week i appreciate your recommendations it is clearly written and the presentation was easy to understand i actually have questions of the superintendent and deputy superintendent in response to our presentation
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item issue are pretty significant i want to see if we could get a response from the superintendent that is a major obstacle in delivering the educational responses so we could make that a priority for our new staff we're looking to hire in it but get a response and couple of points i could make. >> thank you vice chair we've assembled those as the currency technology roll out in place i think you've heard from the cac members or the cac member from the experience of the i e p so we're able to capture in realtime the conversations that are happening around reduction
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and the movement towards a smarter balance that moves san francisco inidentified in a much anymore urgent way around investing in and implementing technology in fact, part of our design a universal design scheme in mind as we're rolling out technology as well so in every level at every place in the instructor program we're trying to maximum the instruction for the disabilities by all the general education classrooms the last thing i'll say as we look at infusing technology within the school district in vision ever
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2025 it provides go instructional services so i appreciate the cac highlighting individualized learning plans are not for all students with disabilities but all students in all classrooms how we differentiate that for the students that needs an additional combines or a different learning style we're excited there are opportunities by utilizing current temples being able to provide the support for students in the classrooms i also appreciated the recommendation of the cacs recommendation you'll see that come forward in the district plan and the implementation around the common core and the instrumental practices.
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>> in terms of the structural backgrounds i think our parent engagement office can help ruth in particular is good at translating abstract things for parents to grasp so capture the engagement office to make the documents more assessable to our families and just too last things i think there was a call for real common planning time and 86 introduced a resolution on planning time i'm hoping this is the year we make real progress and the prices in staffing was a huge issue at our personnel meeting just across the district to i'm hoping that there will be time to discuss our response and our emergency
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plan to deal with the crisis superintendent do you have remarks. >> thank you, dr. murase on all counts there are city hall's in our district already that are utilizing the formatting time for collaboration and planning in real ways to part of what we're attempting to do it is have school leadership teams with their principles develop their own plan to utilize the time and capitalize object the time that is part of the day and that's one aspect it would be amiss normal for the public to say you have to designate collaboration time and if i don't have it there's no collaboration any teacher i as a teacher had high collaboration with my grade level team we want
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to make that explicit around the staffing let's be very, very clear we're in a different hiring envied nationwide but mr. taylor in california we're facing teacher prices with the rebounding economy san francisco along with school districts up and down the country are comprehending a shortage have teachers especially in northern california where it is rebounded we are actively engaged with our institutions of higher education there are less teachers and we're working very, very strongly with finding and recruiting teachers especially b clad teachers that are hard to find as well and with all due respected we're
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not looking for teachers on craig's list but have criminals i'm sorry. >> excuse me. superintendent no, we just heard a presentation we utilize craig's list. >> but that's not our strategy i want to be clear that's not our strategy we're casting a wide net but make sure we have credential teachers that have the instrumental expertise so it is absolutely on your priority list as well i appreciate the highlighting of that this is a incredibly important working collaboratively with our aspect
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take as well. >> thank you any other comments thank you superintendent i was going to give a plug we heard that ed join for the listening audience our vacancies are being published on ed join and craig's list that is a plug so superintendent i interrupt our comment especially those paraprofessional positions that are tilt so needed on an everyday basis i want to give an advertisement since we're on air of folks that are interested in applying for those jobs yes now so thank you very much for the presentation and so i wanted to know on the update on the handbook around common language so where are we on updating our handbook does anyone have an i didn't want.
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>> so commissioner we'll come back that's a instant issue, in fact, we didn't have a handbook up until two years ago it is a instant process we'll get an update. >> i know the acronisms are hard and to have the inclusive practices and the positions for all i think that probably with the practice to be included want to add that in and also i want to give a shout out to the office of the chief they've been in the forefront to the information to the parents i don't know if that should come from them they've actually been the ones to be pro-active so thank them for going that and hopefully some of our parents have attended and do a private
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session hopefully and thank you, dr. murase i did write a statement for the district to set aside time i wrote the resolution actually, i doesn't write that the teachers wrote it for me, i know there's great need and desire to designate planning time for all teachers and also i have a question about the reading certificate now so what are the reading certificates it is it something you go through training and get one so would you mind just a couple of minutes. >> we were looking literacy positions in the district and asking what kind of qualifications they had we looked at what's available at universities for someone to get a certificate through the teaching krenlsz there's something called a reading
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certificate last week taking 6 classes based on interferences for those who are struggling rather than the regular teaching credentials this is more targeted at students that are struggling rather than more of the same some kind of of teaching quantity rather than qualify it is something the teacher gets on top of their credentials if they have a high school credential for teaching english they could get a reading specialist certificate to show they're highly qualified to teacher the interference so any attentive can get it and would be better qualified to support students struggling in reading. >> do we current know how many teachers are is those credentials certificates is there a number.
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>> we can get that you information president fewer. >> those is something the teaching program is are awarded it has to be a credential program so i wonder how we're getting the word out to our teachers and the opportunity for them to participated in the program can staff answer that superintendent. >> so there maybe higher east side that offer the information but dr. valentine and i have seen a lot of teachers we help to gain those special shins and popular programs in use this would be helpful to be part of our memo so we want to do careful planning and have capacity to do the


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